We develop administrative applications, CRM applications, stock management systems, order processing systems, catalogues, reservation systems, reporting tools, planning tools, etc.

We ensure that all these internal, online and mobile processes and applications are optimally integrated.    

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Consultancy starts with understanding each other, what your needs are, which processes are important in your organisation, the expectations of the users, and how they work with our applications.

We analyse your projects, advise you, enable you to make informed choices and can also coach you.

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The performance, the security and the stability of your FileMaker hosting is our priority.
Today Dedicated hosting has become the standard. 
We here have two offers to getting started and one custom offer.
If you are even looking for more, with the Supported hosting offer you can have have your own server at your office configured and maintained by our services.


It may sound strange, but we want you to understand us and how the technology underlying your applications works. In this way, applications gradually take shape and fully satisfy your needs. We offer training at any required level or depth. 


Sometimes, you can save time and money by installing tools and packages on top of your existing applications. We can help you with this.
We have a team that develops such expansion packs and plugins and sells them separately in the FileMaker community. Take advantage of their expertise. 

Discover the FileMaker 14 Platform

Discover the FileMaker 14 Platform

Lesterius has made videos explaining some new FileMaker 14 features. Have a look at our French and Dutch video lists. 

Visit our YouTube channel.

FBA Platinum

FBA Platinum

FBA Platinum & Trainer in Belgium, France and The Netherlands

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