How do we collaborate?

Initial interview

Everything starts with an initial interview.
We will listen carefully as you tell us about your requirements, what kind of technology you already have in your company, what is important to you, any problems you may be having and where you want to go. And perhaps even more importantly: what you absolutely don’t want!
Once we have all this information we can get started.



After the interview, we check whether we have understood you correctly. We will then formulate our conclusions and propose a number of choices. How can we tackle the issues? What are the implications?

Sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge and ideas is a key part of every development process and there must be space to do so from the outset.
We don’t do our work in isolation, but rather on-site at your location.

We therefore hope someone from your organisation will be available to see how we went about things and how the solution we developed for you works. This will really make the application your own and allow us to together better determine what needs to be further developed.



Along the way, new projects will undoubtedly present themselves. It is important to swiftly identify such new projects and either save them for later or include them in a project already under development. However, we have to see to it that the objectives and deadlines are respected and there are no budgetary surprises.

Together we will make choices, discuss the budget and work towards solutions.


Regular update meetings help us to rapidly identify adjustments that are made along the way and assess whether or not to include them in the project or budget.

You will have daily contact with the developers to specify, screen by screen, step by step, exactly how you want your application to work. This will give you ample opportunity to keep us continuously updated regarding your wishes and closely follow your application as it develops.

Test environment

Depending on the type of project, we work with a development environment and test data, wherever possible. The test procedures at delivery are defined in consultation with you.


We want you to be able to use your applications without our help. In addition to our close involvement in the development of your project, we will often also provide you with additional FileMaker training so you can learn how to make adjustments to the software yourself in order to allow your applications to continue to evolve.



Hosting services: a necessary evil you only come to appreciate once it’s too late. Have a look at our approach before it gets that far!



Who is Lesterius? What does it mean: a local company in a European context?

Career settings

Career settings

What does it mean to work at Lesterius? What are our expectations, what’s our approach, what do we believe in, and, most importantly: do you fit into this picture?

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