What can we do for you?

We develop custom software solutions.

You want your business to be as competitive and efficient as possible. We can help you with this.
Let us show you who we are. An organisation where skill and experience take centre stage. Our focus is on improving your business processes and applications.

If standard packages or the narrow approach of freelance developers aren’t meeting your expectations, you want to process and use your company’s information more efficiently, or you’re in the market for an application to optimally support your business processes: we can help!

We develop administrative applications, CRM software, stock management systems, order processing systems, catalogues, reservation systems, reporting tools, planning tools, and more. In short, all kinds of database-powered applications specialised in data collection, processing and reporting.

We design solutions tailored to your specific needs so that our applications and databases mesh with your way of working completely.

It’s a matter of productivity. How can we make your company’s administrative processes more efficient, make your information easier to process and make it so the information available in your company or organisation serves you better?


What can you expect?

  • Plain language: we say it like it is.
  • Conclusions and decisions substantiated by arguments
  • A primary focus is on solving problems
  • Targets and deadlines are binding
  • Strict compliance
  • Transparent budgets
  • You own the source code
  • Partnership


FileMaker technology

FileMaker is a platform tailored to SMEs, similar to what SAP or Microsoft Dynamics are to large or multinational organisations.

It offers you a common platform on which several applications can be custom developed and all data can be centralised so as to make it perfectly exchangeable and capable of being reported.

FileMaker is an extremely stable platform that allows you to quickly set up databases and interfaces. It is a flexible solution that can keep pace with your changing business requirements.

All tools can be endlessly personalised so they satisfy your needs and you don’t have to adapt to the application.


Mobile / desktop / web

The server plays a central role in the FileMaker platform. The server is where your data is stored. The various clients are connected to the server. This can be both local clients on the same network or mobile clients on iPads and iPhones. But this can also be external or lighter clients that can communicate with the server via specific web technologies.

This centralised approach and choice for a single platform does not impose any restrictions in terms of accessibility. Depending on your particular needs, you can access your data internally from a desktop, externally via the web from a laptop, or mobile via an iPad or iPhone, all without compromising on stability and security.
Your application is developed centrally and then made accessible via the media of your choice.


Creating custom software together

Choosing custom software is opting for efficiency. What you need is a partner who understands your processes and your business and who explains exactly what they will be developing for you.

We will develop your applications at your location, while explaining their design and operation, which will make it easier for you to tell us which requirements they must meet.
After working with you at your premises for some time, an application will be created that meets your expectations and that will be appreciated by its users.

Knowledge and experience

Lesterius has been developing FileMaker software for over 15 years. We have 18 certified FileMaker developers. This makes us the biggest in the European FileMaker market and one of the most important worldwide.

However, in addition to size, we also possess extensive expertise, knowledge of different sectors, occupations and industries, and years of experience in developing FileMaker solutions.

Our developers continuously share this knowledge and experience with one another, giving you access to only the best experts. Our developers never work in isolation as they can always rely on a network of experienced colleagues.

Living software

We don’t always have to start from scratch. Sometimes we can merely refine an existing application. We can also teach customers how to use our applications or fine tune them if necessary.


Past solutions to current problems

Legacy software remains valuable. For example, it can show you how problems were solved in the past. The question is whether they can be integrated with current expectations. We listen to users and try to retain useful solutions from the past. Existing data remains valuable and we always try to use some or all of it wherever possible.
This might seem like a minor detail, but sometimes it makes all the difference.



We use analyses to align your expectations with our expertise and help us deliver on our promises. Analyses help both parties to make choices and clearly define what should be developed.
Although it’s a well-known fact IT projects are constantly evolving, it’s still necessary to have guidelines and expectations, if only to make it possible to respect budgets and deadlines.


Additional services

We develop FileMaker applications, but that’s not all. We can also assist you with hosting, training and add-ons.

FM Connection is our specialised division for all your hosting needs.

FM Universities is our training institute where customers, hobbyists and budding developers interested in FileMaker development can learn the tricks of the trade.

With our special add-on vendor, myFMbutler, we can also help you integrate FileMaker add-ons into your project.


SMEs / Not-for-profit organisations

A large proportion of our clients are SMEs and not-for-profit organisations. These organisations are looking for a partner rather than a developer.
We build long-term relationships, grow with our customers and help them create a successful organisation.
These need not all be large projects. In fact, we enjoy nothing more than a concrete, tangible, piecemeal and no-nonsense assignment. We don’t like vague projects with no end in sight. View our cases.

Large organisations and the public sector

FileMaker is used just about anywhere and therefore also within large organisations and the public sector. This mainly concerns smaller, specific applications which are used in a particular department, rather than overarching systems. Here too, we are a welcome partner because of our approach which differs dramatically from the large IT companies.

Customers find our pragmatic and open approach a welcome change and are often surprised at just how fast we complete projects.


European projects

Lesterius is a European organisation with local offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. We are a European partner for our medium-sized customers as well as multinational organisations who require one central expert that is able to roll out their projects locally in different countries.


Growing partnerships

We wish it were otherwise, but experience has taught us that IT projects tend to drift away from the original plan.
In theory, this is positive. It indicates that people have fine-tuned their thinking around the design and capabilities of a particular project.
Nevertheless, it can also put deadlines and budgets under stress.

We are fully aware of this, which is why we always try to set priorities and objectives together with our customers, in order to facilitate shared growth and cooperation.
Our development process is incremental and based on the Agile programming method. We involve you in the development process and give you insight into the structure of the applications so you can better understand what the options are and thus determine what needs to be further developed.

Projects evolve and are delivered incrementally. In doing so, we evolve from supplier to full partner.





What exactly do we mean by ‘custom development’, what type of applications do we develop and can they also be web or mobile applications?



Are you overwhelmed by the myriad options and looking for professional advice before starting a custom project?



How do we tackle your projects? What’s so special about working with Lesterius? What exactly do we mean by ‘we develop at your location’?

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