Career Settings

Continuous learning

We are proud to be geeks. We are crazy about the technology we work with and constantly want to learn more about it. This is why we retrain through master classes, online seminars, conferences and monthly tips and tricks meetings where we exchange experiences. We want to remain permanently in the forefront of technological development.


Sharing knowledge and expertise

Sharing knowledge and expertise is in our DNA. This distinguishes us from others. We are a community that is only strengthened by the knowledge and experience of the group. We share our knowledge not only with our colleagues, but also with our customers, so that together we can get more satisfaction from our projects.

A mix of old and young

We seek to create a mix of old and young. Senior developers are not necessarily all analysts and consultants. They too have an executive function, but won’t think twice about helping the young developers so that they can learn quickly and develop their expertise. Young developers like to challenge older developers, which then motivates the older developers.

The customer will always be assisted by a dedicated developer who is assisted by those team members with the most experience in your sector and type of application.


Personal project

Each employee is given the opportunity to work on a personal project every year. This could be mastering a new technology or developing a specific application. We impose as few guidelines as possible so that our employees are able to develop to their full potential and explore new horizons.

It is possible that they might discover new talents and develop themselves even better.

Freedom and responsibility

It is our experience that our most engaged employees are those who are best able to align their work with their other interests. We give them a certain amount of organisational freedom regarding the scope of their responsibilities.

We attach great importance to finding that balance and support our staff in this regard. We offer a variety of projects, people can work partly from home and there is always space for more personal projects.


Some people prefer working on large projects, while others hate working in the same location for months on end. We always try to ensure that you end up in projects that suit you. We always take your preferences into account when assigning projects and indicate which colleagues can best support you.


We are a close-knit team. Although we often work alone on a project, we can always call on our colleagues for assistance. We are always ready to help each other. We can count on our colleagues, young and old. This is a valuable resource and makes us stronger as individuals and as an organisation.



How do we tackle your projects? What’s so special about working with Lesterius? What exactly do we mean by ‘we develop at your location’?



What makes a Lesterius employee? What drives him, how do you recognize someone who’s working at Lesterius? We are not only passionate individuals but also a strong team.



Who is Lesterius? What does it mean: a local company in a European context?

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