Lesterius group

Lesterius is a European group with branches in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

We are creative business consultants who co-create FileMaker Platform based solutions with our customers.

Lesterius is a European company with local branches. Within each country, it is the development department which represents the core of the business.
In addition, various services are offered such as hosting, training and add-ons. These are centrally developed and supported but also offered locally.


All training activities are grouped under the FM Universities name. FM Universities offers both open courses and custom training, and gives regular introductory sessions.
Sharing expertise and experience is a real driving force in our organisation, which is why a number of our developers put a lot of work into this aspect.


Most of our projects involve hosting in some form or other. All hosting is taken care of by FM Connection.
Servers, backup, connectivity – is an art in itself, which requires a very rigorous approach. FM Connection serves both customers of Lesterius and non-customers, and even colleague FileMaker developers rely on its services.


Our add-ons are the crystallisation of our experience. The many add-ons we developed over the years can now be integrated in different projects as fully fledged products. Our add-ons are marketed by myFMbutler, which sells them to other FileMaker developers worldwide.


Lesterius was created from the merger of SHpartners and La Source multimédia. SHpartners was active in Belgium and the Netherlands and La Source in France. The companies shared roughly similar services but especially the same individual character. From a desire to be able to work on a larger scale, develop various services that are only profitable in a larger market, and handle international projects, both companies joined to form Lesterius.

Local presence on a European scale

Lesterius is currently active in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Step by step, we are becoming a European partner. We still see ourselves as a local partner, but one that can handle projects on a European scale.
We work in small local groups, which offer each other support and provide common related services.

Network of FileMaker developers

Size is not an end in itself. Knowledge of different sectors, occupations and industries and years of experience in developing FileMaker are. Our developers continuously share this knowledge and experience with one another. This enables us to offer you the best people. Our staff never work in isolation as they can always rely on a network of experienced colleagues.

FBA Platinum

FBA Platinum

Certified developers? Exchanging knowledge? A network of employees with many years of experience? Tell me more!

Career settings

Career settings

What does it mean to work at Lesterius? What are our expectations, what’s our approach, what do we believe in, and, most importantly: do you fit into this picture?



How do we tackle your projects? What’s so special about working with Lesterius? What exactly do we mean by ‘we develop at your location’?

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