FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum

Platinum Partner

Lesterius is a ‘FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum member’ in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. As a result, we have a close relationship with FileMaker Inc. Consequently, we have a privileged position when it comes to support and access to all available resources from FileMaker.

FM Summit - FM Conférence

Lesterius is also the driving force behind various forums in Europe, the FM Summit in the Benelux and the FM Conférence in France. Several of our developers were also praised by FileMaker, Inc. for their achievements.

Platinum Member

FileMaker 17 Certified Developers

All our developers are ‘FileMaker 17 Certified Developers’. With our 20 developers, we are the largest player in Europe and among the top five worldwide.

Since the release of FileMaker 7 in 2004, all our developers take an exam with every new release, confirming their knowledge of the latest FileMaker developments.

We do not just say that we have experience and knowledge, we prove it year after year and are praised for it.

FileMaker 17 is available since May 2018 and certification is on its way. For the moment several of our team members are 'FileMaker 17 Certified Developers' and counting.

FileMaker Certified Developers

FBA Excellence Awards

FileMaker has rewarded the quality of our services and team performance with the FBA Excellence Awards: FBA Growth Partner of the Year Europe 2018 and 2017.

Lesterius FileMaker FBA Growth Partner Europe Excellence Award
Lesterius & FileMaker, Inc. / FileMaker DevCon 2018 / Dallas



How do we tackle your projects? What’s so special about working with Lesterius? What exactly do we mean by ‘we develop at your location’?



What makes a Lesterius employee? What drives him, how do you recognize someone who’s working at Lesterius? We are not only passionate individuals but also a strong team.



Who is Lesterius? What does it mean: a local company in a European context?

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