Individuals and a Team

The Lesterius group currently employs 31 people in three different countries.

The organisation is led by Olivier Devriese and Frank Steyaert.

Most of our developers are predominantly active on site at our customers’ locations.

Some of these developers also work regularly as coaches. They support the less experienced developers and supervise all projects. In addition, they will also help clients who happen to get stuck with their own projects.

Besides a thorough knowledge of FileMaker, most developers have an additional area of specialisation in specific domains. For example, web integration, mobile integration, integration with external applications, user interface design, etc.

Our team consists of developers who are extremely passionate about their job, which translates into the work they deliver.

Others are driven by a desire to share their knowledge and therefore work as trainers or are specialised in IT infrastructure and have expanded our hosting services. Still others avidly develop our add-ons.

Youth vs Experience

We strive for a healthy mix of young and more experienced staff. This keeps us sharp and ensures that we ask the right critical questions and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We have a healthy thirst for knowledge and are mad about the technologies we work with every day and are constantly being challenged by new technologies and trends. Along with a healthy dose of maturity and above all extensive experience, this ensures peace of mind, focus and continuity.

This mix is our daily dose of healthy adrenaline!

Exchanging knowledge and experience is part of the foundation of our organisation.

We regularly get together to present our projects to each other and share knowledge about new developments and applications and to discuss how to optimise the organisation.

In our team everyone knows what everyone else is working on – from Marseille to Groningen. In our team everyone is constantly available to contribute his or her part to a project. A team where everyone is proud of the work he or she delivers daily.

FBA Platinum

FBA Platinum

Certified developers? Exchanging knowledge? A network of employees with many years of experience? Tell me more!



Who is Lesterius? What does it mean: a local company in a European context?

Career settings

Career settings

What does it mean to work at Lesterius? What are our expectations, what’s our approach, what do we believe in, and, most importantly: do you fit into this picture?

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