Database design & development

We develop custom software solutions that make our customers more efficient and more competitive.

Databases and data processing are central to the applications we develop, which may include:

  • administrative applications
  • CRM applications
  • stock management systems
  • order processing systems
  • catalogues
  • reservation systems
  • reporting tools
  • planning tools
  • wage administration tools
  • links with production environments


FileMaker is the platform we develop your applications on and on which all your data is centralised to ensure it is perfectly exchangeable and capable of being reported.

FileMaker is an extremely stable platform that allows you to quickly set up databases and interfaces. It has a lot of standard building blocks, which facilitates and thus accelerates the development of applications.

It is a flexible solution that can keep pace with your changing business requirements.
All tools can be endlessly personalised so they satisfy your needs and you don’t have to adapt to the application.

We develop both desktop applications as well as web applications and mobile applications.
Several interfaces can be combined from within a single application, which provides you with even more possibilities.
The FileMaker Pro client software works on both Windows and OS X and iOS, and data can easily be linked with other software. Interfaces with existing accounting software and ERP systems are common.


Your advantages?

Custom development means:

  • an application that meets 100% of your needs
  • a solution that can evolve along with your requirements
  • an application that you own

But also:

  • a significant decrease in the number of hours of data entry
  • elimination of errors caused by data duplication
  • more accurate information to support your decisions and better collaborate with your customers


And above all: applications that meet all your needs and are adapted to your way of working and your business.


The FileMaker application that we develop for you is often only one of the many applications in your business or organisation.

We will connect and integrate your accounting software, automated warehouses, existing ERP systems, telephone switchboards, barcode scanners, and QR code and RFID readers with the FileMaker application.

This way, you won’t have to enter all billing and customer information twice in your accounting. For example, payments to suppliers can be passed on to your bank automatically via Isabel and customer payments can be automatically tracked.
To do so, we use various technologies such as XML, Web Services, SOAP, SQL, ODBC, PHP, TAPI, OAI, etc.

Data entry methods often require integration with external technologies. Bar codes, QR codes and RFID are all technologies we are fully familiar with.

Past solutions to current problems

A lot of our work also consists of extending or modifying existing applications. Hiring us therefore doesn’t always mean developing new applications. Existing applications also need to be maintained and may continue to evolve.


The difference design can make

We pay a lot of attention to interface design. The design and ergonomics of our applications result in tools that are more efficient and hopefully also more fun to enter and process data with.
We call in the help of an interface designer at an early stage so they can add their own personal touch and not be bound by any pre-imposed structure.


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