Mobile integration

Smartphones and tablets have now become a fully-fledged channel to manage your administration.

FileMaker provides you with two options in that area.

Web integration

We provide browser-based access to your applications and an interface for smartphones and/or tablets.

FileMaker Go client for iPhone and iPad

A powerful, mobile FileMaker client that offers more integration possibilities than a pure web solution since all development takes place within the same environment. This is also a separate application on your iPad or iPhone, which facilitates accessibility.

Many organisations start off with FileMaker on the mobile because their business processes require as much. Over time they then evolve towards a total integrated solution for their entire organisation.

The FileMaker platform offers that flexibility. The choices you make today don’t have to limit your future development, provided you stay within the FileMaker platform.

Mobile applications

Sales teams are increasingly focused on mobile working. Stock levels are requested, reports are submitted and customer orders processed.
Mobile applications are becoming increasingly important, as they allow us to communicate and work more effectively, in both sales and service teams.
Mobile applications are even being used in production environments, where they are used to manage and coordinate teams.

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