Web integration

Faster and more accessible

The web adds an extra dimension to your desktop applications.

It allows you to deliver information to your customers and communicate with your service teams or sales teams much faster and easier.
Importantly, not everything needs to be developed from scratch or anew for the web. Your desktop application can be extended so you can also consult and add data to the databases via the web, which makes it possible to automate certain tasks via the internet. Just as safe, just as easy.

Applications instead of websites

We have developed considerable expertise in developing web applications that allow data sharing, both with the public and within closed groups or in small work groups through secure networks. All our applications are built around databases and developed with FileMaker WebDirect or standard web technologies such as XML and PHP.

Lesterius develops web, intranet and extranet applications and connects databases to websites. Although we are specialists in application development, we aren’t web designers.

What’s the difference?

We start from FileMaker and see the web as a channel that makes your applications accessible to external parties.
Web designers develop applications and web sites using only web technologies, in a 100% web environment. That is, they will once again be developing a standalone application. This will always mean having to develop additional protocols to integrate certain components with each other, which isn’t the case within FileMaker.

We are specialised in the development of applications and application interfaces. We can help you optimise your administration.

Web designers are designers and marketeers. They help you sell your product.

If you want your customers to be able to order or consult supplies online, we can help you set this up.
If you are looking for someone to develop a website to represent your business or a webshop, we can refer you to colleagues within our group.

The more commercial your needs, the more you will need a web designer. Even so, we can still provide you with the necessary data links.

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