You should be able to use your own applications and know how they work.

Training and sharing knowledge are of paramount importance at Lesterius. We believe you should be able to get started with the applications we develop for you and customise them yourself if required.

Take control of your application

We’re there to help you with the architecture and anything major but encourage you to learn to fine tune things yourself. It is important that the applications we develop continue to evolve. Only then will our users remain satisfied.

You can always make use of our training department, FM Universities.

By way of an introduction, we organise a FileMaker Experience several times a year where we explain the basics of the FileMaker platform and how you can get to work using FileMaker. 

If you want to develop things yourself or build your own applications, we offer training at various levels.


Courses on offer:

  • User training
  • Four courses aimed at learning FileMaker development:
    • Beginners
    • Advanced users
    • Professional
    • Mobile
  • Web publications with the FileMaker API for PHP

We also offer customised training where employees are introduced to newly developed applications and trained to adapt them, to a degree, depending on their needs.

Notice all our trainings are in French or Dutch



What exactly do we mean by ‘custom development’, what type of applications do we develop and can they also be web or mobile applications?



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